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Nuwon™ Barbecue Cooking Mat

Nuwon™ Barbecue Cooking Mat

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Discover the solution. The Barbecue Cooking Mat that will not only save you cooking time and cleaning, but also make your food grill healthier. 

Cooking mat: A MULTI-USAGE MAT

Whether it is meat, vegetables, fish or eggs, take advantage of the mat to cook everything you want. Very good heat conductor, the food will no longer be in direct contact with the flames and will thus limit charred and unhealthy food.

 APPLICATIONS OF THE Nuwon™ Barbecue Cooking Mat

You can use this mat for electric, gas or charcoal barbecues, you can also use it for the oven and planchas. Because it is the perfect link between the embers of your barbecue and the food.


Withstands extreme heat up to 260° Celsius (average barbecue temperature: 220° Celsius). Its design in PTFE, a material with a very low friction coefficient, ensures that food does not stick to the mat.


Economical and durable kitchen mat

Made of durable material, you can use both sides of the mat a hundred times each without any problem. This guarantees its reliability and longevity.


Material : PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene), low friction coefficient
Dimensions : 40 x 33cm
Thickness : 0.2cm


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