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Saker concealed hinge template 35 mm/1.37 inches Nuwon™

Saker concealed hinge template 35 mm/1.37 inches Nuwon™

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    DRILL YOUR FURNITURE PROFESSIONALLY WITH THE Zaino™ Saker 35mm/1.37" Concealed Hinge Jig.

    It drills your furniture, boards all your objects that you would like to drill in the most modern way and in one shot for a more beautiful rendering .


    The drill guide can be adjusted to tension wood boards of different thicknesses. For furniture factories and woodworking enthusiasts, this is an excellent tool kit


    * Install a 35 mm hole opener, adjust the drilling depth, which is normally 12-13 mm, and then lock the limit ring.
    * Adjust the fixed size of the black pressure block of the quick clamp (note: the tool can adjust the size of the fixed board to 15-25mm).
    * Move the punch to the board marking and punching position and lock the quick clamp.
    * Attach the handle of the hole opener with the electric drill, press the hole at a constant speed to a depth of 12-13 mm, then drill 2 mm screw holes on the left and right sides.
    * The distance between the 35 mm hole and the edge is 5 mm (the distance cannot be adjusted), which is suitable for most common hinges.
    * Install the 35 mm hinge.

    Nuwon™ Saker 35mm/1.37" Concealed Hinge Template MANUFACTURING MATERIALS.

    Made of aluminium alloy, its manufacture and positioning is precise and works very conveniently .


    Materiel : Alliage d'aluminium

    Couleurs : gris

    Taille : 4.72*4.72*2.36 pouces/120*120*60mm

    Poids : 1,34 lb

    1 gabarit de charnière dissimulé Saker 35 mm/1,37 pouces comprend:

    1 * corps de localisateur de poinçon de charnière;

    2 * clé ;

    Foret 1*2mm;

    1 * clé hexagonale


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