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Circle paper cutter  Nuwom®️

Circle paper cutter Nuwom®️

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                              This circle cutter helps you cut circular shapes on various craft materials with precision and ease! It has a rotating tool with two cutting heads and adjustable measuring channels that cut a perfect 360 degree angle.

                              IT IS AN EXCELLENT CIRCLE CUTTER

                              It is built with a blade shutter to allow you to flip the lock into a safe position to cut circles. The blades are ultra-sharp and can cut small and large circles. Perfect for all your projects!

                              • Wide application: cuts cardboard, printing paper, photo paper, composite paper, kraft paper, special paper, optical film
                              • Portable: small size, convenient to carry and can be used anywhere
                              • Versatile: simple paper cutter for DIY, office, home and school

                                Safe and easy - Comes with a blade leveller and adjustable precision measuring channels. Allows you to safely loosen and tighten the lock before cutting.

                                  made of high quality materials and an ultra-sharp blade that cuts smoothly through manufacturing materials.



                                    • Material      : ABS + steel
                                    • Cutting diameter: 10.3 to 33.5 cm
                                    • Size              ( L x l ) 22 x 7 cm
                                    • Colour          : green 
                                      The product includes
                                      • 1 x perfect circle cutter
                                      • 2 x replacement cutting heads


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