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Multi-Port USB Adapter

Multi-Port USB Adapter

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The High Speed USB Multi-Port Adapter helps you bring all your everyday devices together in one hub for one-step connection and removal!

There are indicator lights to show the status of use and easy search at night. It has an anti-backflow design that prevents power from flowing back to devices and causing damage. The hub supports a wide range of systems and all USB devices.


  • High-speed ports: The 4-in-1 USB ports consolidate multiple everyday devices into a single hub providing high-speed current flow at 500 mA with 480M/S

      • Independent switch: it is easy to control with the independent on/off switches on each port.

      • Extensive system and device compatibility: This hub supports systems such as Windows, Mac OS and Linux. It is also compatible with all USB peripherals such as card reader, mouse, phone charger, joysticks, etc.

      • Indicator light: there is an indicator light when in use. It's great to locate your devices at night.

      • Prevent current backflow: It has an anti-backflow design that prevents current from flowing back to the devices to cause damage.


      • Material: ABS plastic
      • Color: White/Black
      • Size: 10.5 cm X 3.5 cm X 2 cm


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